About IDTR

The Institute of Driving Training and Research Society has been established by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways under the 11th Five Year Plan as a road safety initiative. The institute is being managed jointly by Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT) and Tata Motors Limited (TML). IDTRS Pune promotes stress free happy life by ensuring road safety with focus on training of drivers. Driver training develops the right attitude towards safe driving and thus plays a key role towards preserving precious national resources and bringing happiness in the lives of families of vehicle drivers/ owners by bringing down road accidents in the country. As we know, road accidents bring all unwelcome situations in the life like hospitalisation, operations, medical bills, loss of salary, disturbed family life, effect on studies of children etc.

Also included in the specially structured programme are:

  • Spreading awareness about HIV AIDS
  • Yoga, meditation and stress management
  • Diet and food
  • Health care after age of 40 and other such important aspects left untouched by many DTIs despite having huge potential to affect the life of driver and his dependents, finally the national economy.

Training at IDTRS is conducted by well trained and experienced full time driver instructors under strict supervision of dedicated Principal. The most advanced scientific methods are followed to impart instructions.

The training at IDTRS is focussed on understanding traffic regulations and safe driving habits.

The endeavour is to improve personal skills and provide well trained manpower for the road transport industry. This includes drivers to be soon entrusted with public transport duties, where lives of large groups of people travelling in buses is at stake.

The institute shall also strive to provide quality training to rural youth with a view to provide them employment opportunity as skilled drivers.

The institute shall also take up training of women cab drivers through exclusive courses.

We also extensively cover the existing drivers by conducting refresher courses.

The training for the drivers of Hazardous goods carrier vehicles is also being conducted as a much specialised area.

Many OE manufacturers are deputing their design engineers as well the testing engineers to get the benefit of expertise and infrastructure available here, so that those trained can better understand the need and reality, by co-relating various Indian and International standards.

Objectives of IDTR:

  • To conduct training course for trainers or driver instructors.
  • To conduct driving training course for LMV driving for public.
  • To conduct driving training course for HMV driving for public.
  • To conduct refresher training course for drivers who are in service.
  • To conduct training course for drivers of vehicles carrying hazardous and dangerous goods.
  • To conduct periodic training and evaluation of drivers of State transport Undertakings.
  • To assist RTO officials in using IDTS to assess aspiring drivers.
  • To arrange road safety awareness camps for school bus drivers and students.
  • To carry out accident investigation in state and suggest accident prevention measures.
  • To assist MORTH in implementing various schemes related to road safety.
  • To act as link under CSR between corporates and needy youth to enhance skill and help in getting employment.

About IDTR

IDTR promotes road safety with focus on training of drivers. Driver training develops right attitude towards healthy driving habits which will bring down the accident rate in the country. Training will be conducted by well trained driving instructors to impart practical, systematic and scientific driver training.